Sir Michael will answer all your bloody questions
Q: What is Jestagram?
Jestagram lets users book personalized video shout-outs. Users can choose an illustrated character or a real impressionist to do the shout out. Once you tell us what you want we put our spin on it and create something hilarious.
You can also upload your own picture of loved ones or even your pet, choose a celebrity voice, or upload your own audio, and we will animate.
We also offer celebrity calls, tell us who you would like and we will call as the celebrity of your choice.

Q: The celebrity I want is not listed
Contact us and let us know who you are after.
I am sure one of out talented Jesters can do the voice you’re after.

Q: The videos look small
Don’t worry, these are just example videos. See the next question below about sizes.

Q: How are the files supplied
The video files average 20-60mb if you download them onto your phone you can share them easily via social media or What’s App.
The files are output at 1536 x 768. If user has uploaded an image to be animated then sizes may differ.
If you want bigger files let us know.

Q: What is the currency?
All prices listed are in USD $. Unless you are based in the UK where you will see GDP £

Q: I need to contact Jestagram
Use our contact form: One of the Jestagramers will get back to you as soon as possible.

Q: I want to join as an impersonator or voice over
If you want to join the team, use the form on this site. One of our jesters will check you out.

Q: How much does it cost for a personalized message?
The cost of a Jestagram video varies depending on the voice over or impressionist talent you choose; if you choose to supply your own voice over it will be cheaper. Not as funny, but cheaper : )

Q: Why are some Jestagrams more expensive than others?
Some of our voice over artists and illustrators are prima donnas and want more money, so we have to charge a bit more. Don’t shoot the messenger.

Q: I don’t like my video.
Oh no! Contact us and we will work it out.

Q: How long will my Jestagram video request take to be completed?
Our talent is given up to five days to fulfil requests. We do have a quick turnaround service too.

Q: Can I update my request after I have booked a Jestagram video?
Yes! you can edit or cancel your order at any time before your personalized Jestagram video has been completed. You can log in so you can check status.

Q: How will I receive my Jestagram once it’s completed?
A link will be sent to the email that you provided. You can then download the file and do with it what you will! Post it on Facebook, share it on What’s App. Up to you.

Q: Can I download and keep my Jestagram video?
Yes of course! If you are on a laptop or desktop, your Jestagram video can be downloaded via the link we emailed to you, just press the red download button next to the video.

Q: When will I be charged for my Jestagram video?
If you pay using a credit/debit card, we will put a hold on your credit/debit card as an authorization until your order is completed. Your debit/credit card will be charged as soon as the Jestagram video is completed.

Q: Download Video
When you download video it saves to the ‘download’ folder. On a mobile phone it will download to your photo album.

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You haven’t told us much, are you sure there is enough info here for our voice over artist to work their magic?

Audio upload instructions for Mac, PC, iPhone and Android.


  1. Open the QuickTime Player.
  2. Click File, then click New Audio Recording.
  3. Hit the red circle in the middle of the gray circle to start recording. …
  4. Click the dark gray square to stop recording.
  5. Click File, then Save… to choose the name for the recording and where you’ll save it.


To create an audio file in Windows 8 and Windows 10, follow the steps below.

  1. Connect a microphone to the computer.
  2. In Windows 10, type voice recorder in the search box located next to Start. In Windows 8, start typing voice recorder on the Start screen.
  3. In the search results, select the Voice Recorder application.
  4. Click the blue microphone button and begin speaking.
  5. Once the recording is made, it can be shared with others by clicking the Share option at the bottom of the application window.

The recording is saved as a .w4a file on your computer. To locate the file, click the ellipsis menu icon at the bottom right corner of the application window, and select Open file location.

iPhone: Click Here

Android: Click Here


By downloading the video you accept approval and are super happy with the outcome.